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Re: the problem of maven3 in centos7

Hi Michael

  Such kind of question should be better handled on the Maven users list.
  As far as I can see you have a problem of (transitive) dependency which is using a system scope with an hardcoded path (/usr/lib/...) that you don't have on your system

  I won't privately reply more but if you subscribe to the Maven Users list you will be able to receive more help


On Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 1:02 AM Michael <[hidden email]> wrote:
Mr. Arnaud Héritier
       I'm a maven3 user from china, you can call me Michael. Please pardon me as my English isn't very good.
       Here is the problem about meven3 when I use it in Centos7, I try to solve the problem with google and baidu, but I failed. So I write this letter, hope you can help me to fix it.

     but thd jdk settings is good:

     and the mvn -v is good too:

    and rpm -qa|grep java