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Enrico Olivelli
Il giorno mer 9 gen 2019 alle ore 10:18 Matt Foley <[hidden email]>
ha scritto:
> Good morning.  Although I’ve used Maven for years, I’m new to the project as a developer, so thought I should introduce myself to you all.  I have contributed to other Apache projects in the past (Hadoop HDFS and Metron), and am now working with Spark at Apple.  I’d like to contribute a small bug fix for the maven-shade-plugin, as documented at maven-shade-plugin PR#14 <> and MSHADE-259 <>.  Hopefully the description in the PR is clear, but I welcome corrections and guidance.  The patch is only a few lines of code, so should be straightforward to review.
> Also, since I’m new to this project, could someone with the necessary privs please add me to the MSHADE contributor list, so I can be assigned to the Jira, and can mark the jira in-progress?
> Thanks very much.  I look forward to working with you on this, and other things in the future.

Welcome !

I will follow up with comments on the PR

thank you


> —Matt

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