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Re: [nexus-user] GUI Development Tips?

Hi Eric,

you are probably beyond [1] already. [2] has a few examples how to add
things to the Nexus UI.

Beyond that, it's plain ExtJS2.3[3] - I had a quick look at the OSS
LDAP plugin and aside from adding a link in the left navigation it
does not seem like it's doing anything Nexus-specific.

A few remarks:
* Sonatype.config holds things like Nexus host, relative path snippets etc.
* REST calls are already set up to do session handling for you, no
need to authorize
* when you use Ext.FormPanel you might want to use sonatypeSubmit,
which gives you an automatic display of error messages if you handle
errors like in [4], and map field name and ErrorMessage id.
* for Ext.Ajax.request, you may want to set the 'suppressStatus'
option. You will get a message box on every non-successful call

I CC'ed the nexus-dev list, and we should follow up there. Feel free
to ping me if you have questions.



On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 10:56 PM, Eric Dalquist
<[hidden email]> wrote:
> Any Tips/Tricks/Reference pointers for writing a plugin that adds a new
> preference pane to the Nexus GUI? I'm trying to reverse engineer things
> and use the LDAP plugin as an example but it feels like a lot of trial
> and error.
> -Eric

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