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Mark Derricutt

On 30 Jan 2020, at 10:53, Robert Scholte wrote:

I assume these are parent pom's right?
Are they part of the reactor or are they poms from a remote repository?

The order of resolving parents has changed a bit: it used to look in the cache based on GAV, followed by matching the path of this modelSource.
Now it is kind of the other way around: look in cache by relativePath or read by relativePath, next match the GAV.

Were these poms generated?

They're "tiles" - using our tiles-maven-plugin to provide mixin support, essentially they do get injected as parents into the model tho.

We read the tile.xml artefact we publish/manually write and inject that as parents.

For now I've dropped back to pre-that commit and everything works, I'll do some further testing later on and see if things break once I add those modelVersion's into the tiles.

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Mark Derricutt

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