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Re: maven-site-plugin: Generating (X)HTML5 instead of XHTML - how?


yes, this will require a xhtml5 Doxia sink

since each skin defines a site template as direct html source (without Doxia
interaction), the maven-site-plugin switch from xhtml to xhtml5 would have to
be done on configuration from the skin: looks like a good addition to skin
model [1]

finally, adding tags seems mode complex: Doxia is about having a common API for
every format. Perhaps propose an example and we'll see




Le dimanche 15 avril 2018, 00:16:22 CEST Graham Leggett a écrit :

> Hi all,
> According to the docs at
> t.html "Note that Doxia also supports several output formats, the site
> plugin only creates XHTML”.
> I would like the maven-site-plugin to have the option to output HTML5 (or
> XHTML5 to be more specific), and from what I can see, maven-site-plugin
> cannot do this today. (correct?)
> To support this, I am understanding that the following needs to get done:
> - Create an XHTML5 sink for Doxia.
> - Teach the maven-site-plugin to optionally use the XHTML5 sink if specified
> in the skin. (or make in mandatory for maven-site-plugin v4.x?) -
> (Possibly?) Extend Doxia to support new (X)HTML5 tags.
> My question is - am I on the right track? Is there some other work to
> support HTML5 that I may have missed?
> Regards,
> Graham
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