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Re: [maven-dependency-plugin] Proposal: Additional parameter to order tree output

Maarten Mulders
Hi Loïc,

First of all, thanks for the suggestion! You are not alone in this idea.

In fact, there is already a PR [1] that provides this kind of
functionality. It's been open for a while. The main reason is that it is
currently hard to prove that it doesn't break anything. For that reason,
I started working on some unit tests [2] but haven't yet received much
feedback on it. Also I didn't find much time to continue that work.




On February 16, 2020 at 19:22, Loïc Le Doyen wrote:

> Hello @dev team !
> Being a frequent user of the *maven-dependency-plugin*, I often lack
> the
> possibility to order the output of the *tree* goal to compare effective
> trees when refactoring POM files.
> So, following the same idea of comparing trees, it could be also
> interesting to be able to output in a computer-friendly language such
> as
> XML or JSON.
> I will be happy to supply PR, if this is something that the Maven
> community
> is interested in.
> Best regards,
> Loïc Ledoyen

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