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Robert Scholte-8
Hi Chris,

it seems like you missed my response: []


On 5-11-2019 13:29:37, Christopher <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi Maven devs,

I just wanted to circle back to this. Is the ASF parent POM still
being maintained by the Maven community? And regarding my other
questions, I never got a response. Thanks for any response you can

On Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 4:14 PM Christopher wrote:

> Hi,
> In spite of the specific title, I actually have several questions
> (note, I'm not currently subscribed to list, so feel free to CC me
> directly on any responses):
> 1. What's the timeline for the maven-apache-parent 22? It seems a bit
> overdue, especially given all the plugins that have been updated since
> 21 was released.
> I'm hoping gets
> merged in. Can somebody merge that before 22 is released? Two people
> reviewed and approved it 10 months ago.
> 2. I had another idea for adding something like the following to
> satisfy the use case for cross-compilation using newer JDKs without
> specifying `-bootstrapclasspath`. Would this be worth a pull request
> (or a committer could just add it if they think it's a good idea).
> 8
> jdk-release-flag
> [9,)
> ${compilerCompliance}
> 3. And finally... I noticed that JDK 11's javadoc is not getting the
> backports of the JDK 12 upstream patches... even though 11 is supposed
> to be an LTS version. This causes javadocs generated with
> maven-javadoc-plugin to be broken for projects which aren't using
> modules. Specifically, the following bug appears to not be patched in
> 11 that affect all users of maven-javadoc-plugin. Some plugin goals
> output (such as javadoc:aggregate) can be patched after building, but
> others (javadoc:jar) can't easily be patched, because the broken
> javadoc jar would have to be disassembled to patch and reconstructed.
> Is there a workaround for these planned by the maven-javadoc-plugin
> developers, or is the hope that upstream will fix it eventually?
> (severe loss of
> functionality when building non-modular code... which is most java
> code today... using JDK 11)
> (a minor regression
> also not patched in 11)
> (another bug, not
> sure how serious, also not patched in 11)
> Thanks,
> Christopher

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