Re: [jira] (SUREFIRE-1424) javax.transaction.TransactionManager not visible with Java9

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Re: [jira] (SUREFIRE-1424) javax.transaction.TransactionManager not visible with Java9

Alan Bateman
On 29/09/2017 08:57, Enrico Olivelli wrote:
> :
> 2) dealing with modules like java.sql which as not in java.base
> (
> Currently I have no solution as there is no official maven dependency
> for java.sql package
You shouldn't need to be concerned with the java.sql module. The only
modules that you need to be concerned about are:


and the aggregator.

These modules are deprecated in Java SE and are proposed to be removed
in a future release.

Aside from java.corba, the 5 modules shared with Java EE are standalone
technologies, each with one or more JSRs and its own download. Each of
these projects used to be on but moved to the Java EE github
project recently. I don't know if the move to Eclipse will change
anything there.

In any case, each of the standalone versions can be deployed on the
class path with JDK 9.

In time they will be deployable as modules too and this will allow them
to be deployed on the upgrade module path (--upgrade-module-path) to
upgrade/override the module in the run-time image with the standalone or
Java EE module. This will actually work with all except for the
transaction API as there are a couple of issues to sort out there before
it can be deployed as a module.

As I understand it, the Spring folks in the JIRA issue are deploying the
JTA JAR file on the class path. That should just work but is complicated
by `` as that will cause the java.transaction
module to be resolved. You can't split the javax.transaction package
between a module and the class path.

For the surefire plugin then dropping the --add-modules should be looked
at. You'll need to do that anyway once goes away. If the
plugin relies on JAXB then adding a dependency on the standalone version
should work.


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