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Re: Why Is Maven Ignoring My Local Repo?

Eric Kolotyluk
Thanks Ben: I have not read the references yet, but plan to.

Normally I have only been removing _maven.repositories in the affected
directory, but I did as you suggested and removed all
_maven.repositories in my <localRepository>, but the problem still exists:

Could not find artifact net.trajano.wagon:wagon-git:jar:1.0.1-SNAPSHOT
in apache.snapshots (

I do not understand why Maven is looking there. I have also manually
downloaded net.trajano.wagon:wagon-git:jar:1.0.1-SNAPSHOT and the pom to
my localRepository, but Maven continues to ignore them.

I am assuming there is a problem with "broken artifacts" as you mention,
as I cannot think of any other explanation for this aspect of 'maven
hell' I am tangling with at the moment.

It is curious that Nexus will download all the artifact pieces, except
the pom, internally, but will not serve them to Maven. Maybe there is
something Nexus does not like about the pom. On the other hand, when I
take Nexus out of my settings.xml, then the problem happens.

I am currently in a dialog with the author of
net.trajano.wagon:wagon-git:jar:1.0.1-SNAPSHOT and I asked him to
release this to Maven Central, but if there is some 'broken artifact'
then I am not sure that will solve the problem either.

Cheers, Eric

On 4/15/2014 2:12 AM, Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:

> Ah, my favourite Maven 3 unfeature, a response to the war between
> repos that deliver broken artifacts and those that have artifacts that
> legitimately migrate from one repo to another. I do not like the
> solution because it gives Maven an opaque memory of artifact source,
> so your build depends on previous builds with that local repository,
> not the contents of your pom. I do not like this.
> A little bedtime reading for the uninitiated:
> My solution when all else fails:
> find ~/.m2/repository -name "_maven.repositories" -exec rm -f {} \;
> Kind regards,
> Ben.
> On 15/04/14 16:12, Stephen Connolly wrote:
>> It's not a local repository. It is a local repository cache.
>> There are files there that record where the artifacts were cached
>> *from*.
>> If the artifact is there but the cache file is not or indicates a
>> different
>> source from the allowed sources for your build, then Maven will
>> ignore the
>> artifact in your cache and check the remote sources.
>> On 15 April 2014 02:02, Eric Kolotyluk <[hidden email]> wrote:
>>> I seem to keep running into this problem regularly for things not in
>>> Maven
>>> Central
>>> [ERROR] Failed to execute goal
>>> org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-site-plugin:3.3:site
>>> (default-site) on project csharp-windows-elevate: Execution
>>> default-site of
>>> goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-site-plugin:3.3:site failed: Plugin
>>> org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-site-plugin:3.3 or one of its
>>> dependencies
>>> could not be resolved: Could not find artifact
>>> net.trajano.wagon:wagon-git:jar:1.0.1-SNAPSHOT
>>> in local-nexus (http://localhost:8081/nexus/content/groups/public) ->
>>> [Help 1]
>>> I can see the artifact in my local repo, but maven somehow feels,
>>> because
>>> it cannot find it in my nexus repository, then it does not exist.
>>> The side problem is, even though nexus can see the artifact in its
>>> index,
>>> it refuses to download it.
>>> Why do maven and nexus work so hard at ignoring artifacts?
>>> Cheers, Eric
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