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Clemens Quoss
Is 'q' considered a classifier or not?  Classifier like 'alpha1',
'beta2' and even 'SNAPSHOT' denote a pre-production version, IMHO.

With: artifactId-1.0.alpha1 < artifactId-1.0.beta2 < ... <
artifactId-1.0.SNAPSHOT < ...

Is there really a difference between putting a hyphen or a dot to
separate classifier from version?  If so, is my statement only right for

artifactId-1.0-alpha1 < artifactId-1.0-beta2 < ... <
artifactId-1.0-SNAPSHOT < ...?  Please advise.

I think, it is irrelevant if the classifier is separated by hyphen or
dot.  Everything after the version starting with an alphabetic character
is a classifier, used to classify a pre-production version.  The
classifiers being in alphabetical order.

That is why i never understood Spring working with versions like
2.1.RELEASE (being < 2.1).



Am 07.01.2020 um 13:16 schrieb Elliotte Rusty Harold:

> I've been looking at Maven 's version comparison algorithm: what it
> does, what it's documented to do, and what it should do. I ran a quick
> poll on my twitter feed to see what developers expect how version
> strings such as 2.1.q and 2.1 are compared. That is, what's the higher
> version? 2.1.q or 2.1?
> 2.1.q won in a landslide. This is, unfortunately, the opposite of what
> Maven currently assumes. See
> to understand how.
> This has real world consequences. xpp3:xpp3 for example uses letters
> with the expectation that 1.4.1.c comes after 1.4.1. There are
> probably other artifacts that use letters with these semantics too.
> I'm about 90% convinced this is something we should fix. It's a
> breaking change but I expect the high majority of devs who encounter
> this would classify the existing behavior as a bug.
> My main question is what version of Maven should we fix this in?
> 3.6.5? 3.7? 4.0? Thoughts?

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