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Re: Timeline for maven-site-plugin 3.7?


There is no formal timeline, but if there is interest from community to work
toward a release, let's go.

The first release that has to be done is Doxia 1.8 [1]: as you can see, there
is one issue that is not fixed yet. And I suppose we should have a review of
recent DOXIA Jira issues to check if there is something easy to fix before
doing the release.

Once this Doxia release is done:
1. you'll be able to use it immediately in current maven-site-plugin version
(3.6), without waiting for maven-site-plugin 3.7
2. we'll work on this release [2]: looks like there is one issue I want to fix
before doing the release, help appreciated

Notice that one prerequisite for m-site-p 3.7 is to release maven-reporting-
exec 1.4 [3]: there is not any open issue for this release, but I imagine that
fixing MSITE-787 will require some update in m-reporting-exec, then I prefer to
wait before doing the release.

Any contributor interested to help on this?  I mean: not only current maven
devs, but someone from the community who wants to help and needs guidance on
"where to help?"






Le jeudi 4 mai 2017, 11:08:33 CEST Allen Wittenauer a écrit :

> Hey gang.
> Is there a timeline for maven-site-plugin 3.7?
> We're having two pretty big problems with previous versions:
> a)  not rendering a complex markdown table correctly (See
> on/release/3.0.0-alpha1/CHANGES.3.0.0-alpha1.html , search for HDFS-9648).
> b) choking on "hdfs://" URLs, crashing the plugin during the build
>   From a quick test, it looks like the new markdown rendering engine being
> used by 3.7 actually fixes the problems.
> Thanks!
> P.S., if you want source markdown files to build unit tests, you can find
> them in
> hadoop/hadoop-common-project/hadoop-common/src/site/markdown/releases/2.8.0
> / and
> hadoop/hadoop-common-project/hadoop-common/src/site/markdown/releases/0.18.
> 0/
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