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Karl Heinz Marbaise-3
Hi Enrico,

On 12/10/18 10:36, Enrico Olivelli wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to test Maven Plugins Release Candidates.

Great that you like to help...

> I know there is a brief guide
> But I think this is not very complete and/or it is outdated.

It might be if so we need to update/enhance it as needed...

> The summary of the guide is to run
> mvn verify
> For instance this is not true for Surefire.

Yes there are some of the release which need different approach usually
documented in (I'm not sure if all have a need
one)...for Maven Core this not enough (mvn clean install) and test the
resulting core with different project of your own choice...

> Can someone explain better how is it expected to run a check on an RC ?

First we don't do RC's ...what we sometimes do is to release Milestones
(for example with maven-install, maven-deploy-plugin)..
But in the end we release usual release something like "3.0.0" or

If it happens that a release has issues we remove the tags and drop the
staging repository and spin a new release with the same version...

For Maven core we do not use the same version we continue with the next

> In other Apache projects that I know/work on usual checks are:
> - try to build and run tests on the propostes source artifacts.

Usually you should at least run the build on the source artifacts which
includes IT's ...something like:

mvn -Prun-its clean verify for plugins and
for components:

mvn clean verify

> - apache-rat/licensing issues

Is already checked by the builds (see above)..

> - check signatures/shasums..
Usually compare the checksums in email with them which can be downloaded
from the staging repositories...

> - check proposed maven artifacts

?? In which way?

> Usually voters when the give their '+1' add an explanation about the
> tests the performed on the RC, I see this is not very common practice
> in Maven VOTE threads.

Sometimes yes sometimes not...usually we don't do it if nothing has been
found...but if we find something than we do to find the itch..

> Second question, in Maven what is really 'released' ?
> Are you releasing the SOURCE ZIP ? or something else ?

> As far as I know in Apache we are 'releasing' the source code and we
> are providing binaries for
> convenience to users. I understand that Maven is somehow a very special case.

Not really. The real releases are the source artifacts (*.zip)...
The binaries which are transfered to Central is as already mentioned

Much to explain..that looks like we need to enhance the release
procedure description...

> My questions are just to understand better in order to give a more
> significant contribution to the project, I am pointing out problems.

Yeah really great...

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

> Thank you all for carrying on Maven Project !
> Cheers
> Enrico
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