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Re: Surefire at Java 9 and Java 10

Enrico Olivelli
There are IT tests which check for exaclty java.specification.version=9
How  are we going to deal with them?
It seems that a new major release will appear  every 6 months
IMHO it will be enough to drop that assertion


Il dom 3 dic 2017, 13:21 Tibor Digana <[hidden email]> ha scritto:

> As discussed before about Java 9.
> I will try to run Surefire integration tests with JDK 9 and 10 on Linux and
> I will add JDK 8/9 to CI pipeline.
> I do not expect any bugs here. Maybe only enabling some modules for the ITs
> in worst case.
> Surefire supports Jigsaw already now in origin/master.
> There are more important two or three bugs when Docker build crashes and
> this has to be fixed till 2.21.0 as well.
> Cheers
> Tibor

-- Enrico Olivelli