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Karl Heinz Marbaise-3

On 29/08/17 17:00, Stephen Connolly wrote:
> I am seeing two issues remaining for 3.5.1:
> ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when parsing POM

This is the only which I think should be part of 3.5.1...

where the IT's etc had worked but now the build does not build based on
a missing branch which I don't understand at the moment (separate thread)...

> and
> Adding serval times the
> same artifact via MavenProjectHelper (attachArtifact) does not produce a
> failure

This issue can wait real problem at the moment...already moved to

> Is there anything else people have in their backlog that cannot wait for
> 3.5.2 / 3.6.0?
> is the list
> of issues we considered as potential candidates for 3.5.1 At this point
> unless you shout out by Friday I will transition all those over to
> 3.5.x-candidates.
> Let the burn down commence!
> -Stephen

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

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