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Re: Stale Branches on Maven Core

Am 2019-12-08 um 13:00 schrieb Karl Heinz Marbaise:

> Hi to all,
> currently I'm looking at the Maven core and seeing a number of staled
> branches[1] for example:
> maven-3.1.x
> maven-2.2.x
> maven-3.0.x
> maven-3.2.6
> maven-3.x-next
> configurator

If no subsequent commits hav been performed on them which are not in
master, I wouldn't delete them, but figure out why there are not in master.

> slf4j-log4j2.5
> slf4j-logback
> slf4j-gossip

Those are config examples with other logging backends. They shouldn't go
away, but shouldn't remain as a branch. Maybe a new doc site could show
how to switch from SLF4J simple.

> MNG-6401-2

This is work from Hervé on an issue where we are still undecisive how to
proceed. This should stay.


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