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using a plugin like OWASP Dependency-Check (or any other tool like it), and
its dedicated security issues storage and update workflow, avoid adding a new
management nightmare at every level of Maven



Le mercredi 14 mars 2018, 13:27:53 CET Jochen Wiedmann a écrit :

> Hi,
> recently I had an issue, where a security problem was claimed, because
> a published POM was using a jar version, for which a CVE exists. The
> reporter requested to upgrade to a current version, and publish an
> updated POM.
> As you know, we cannot update the POM. We only publish new POM's, so
> the case resulted in publication of a new version. However, this case
> got me thinking:
> 1.) Whether we like it, or not, the published POM is an artifact, that we
> have to maintain. (And, in the case of the ASF: For which we might be
> legally responsible.)
> 2.) Knowing, that one can exclude the jar file in question in a
> downstream POM, is not sufficient. You've got to know, that there is a
> problem.
> Point one is a simple statement of fact. Nothing much to do
> here.Regarding point two, however: Here's something, that the Maven
> world could do better.
> My suggestion would be:
>   a) Introduce a new artifact (say <ARTIFACTID>-<VERSION>-issues.xml).
>       The idea would be, to publish such an artifact, if an issue with the
> jar, war, or whatever file (the original artifact, without
> classifier) has been
>        detected.
>   b) On occasion, Maven would check, whether there is an issues file
> for a dependency. If so, it would issue a warning, break the build, or
> do whatever seems appropriate.
>       Of course, this action would be done in a plugin, which might be
>       skipped.
> Leaving out questions like update of an issues file (There might be
> other issues, later on, or more serious issues.), I think this should
> be doable with moderate efforts.
> Jochen
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