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Gary Gregory-2
In general I avoid rewriting history unless I am in a PR branch and I am
squashing commits before a merge. So a revert is fine IMO.


On Sun, Oct 11, 2020, 16:16 Elliotte Rusty Harold <[hidden email]>

> I cancelled a planned release of the maven-dependency-plugin before it
> got to a vote but after it had been pushed to Github. (discovered a
> couple of issues I want to fix first)
> I dropped the bundle from Nexus. Now I need to revert the last couple
> of commits and remove the tag. They're about three different ways to
> do this in git, e.g. throwing away the last couple of commits or
> creating a new commit that undoes the effects of the old commits but
> does not remove them from the history. Anyone happen to know what's
> preferred in this scenario? Thanks.
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> Elliotte Rusty Harold
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