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Re: Problems configuring internal repository

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Hmm, I've think we've reached the extent of my ability to help here.
I don't use a proxy for my internal remote repository, so I don't know
if you can make it selective.  If it was me, if no one else on the
list (ie: one of the developers) chimes in, then I'd start grepping
for in the source and see how proxies are used and
hopefully you can find some undocumented feature that would allow for


On 5/4/05, Paul Kuykendall <TX/EUS> <[hidden email]> wrote:

> That helped quite a bit.  Is there a way of configuring Maven to not use
> a proxy for a certain remote repository?  That was what was getting me.
> It was trying to hit the proxy for the internal repository.
> Thanks for the help!