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Re: Plexus-Utils 3.1.0 Release

Karl Heinz Marbaise-3
Hi Robert,

On 02/07/17 11:19, Robert Scholte wrote:
> I'm not 100% sure if this will fix the issue.
> There are 2 issues which both result in an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
> One has to do with a process instruction inside the plugin configuration
> (fixed).

You mean the m2e configuration thing like "<?m2e ...>"...

This is fixed ,cause this will fail in all Maven versions if you use a
parent which contains such configuration...Tested with the current
master of plexus-utils it works fine...

But if we have a new release of plexus-utils we could at least tell
people in such cases to replace the plexus-utils to prevent this issue...

> The other has to do with invalid XML.

Ok this is a different story...

> It looks to me that most of the time the second issue is being hit.

> Clearing the local repository and re-downloading the pom file is the
> cure. (this is actually the best way to identify which of the 2 is being
> hit)
> What I've seen is that sometime the content of the pom is duplicated, i.e.
> <project>
> ...
> </project>
> <project>
> ...
> </project>
> I could imagine that this happens when a 2 threads download the same pom
> at the same time and for some reason are appended.

 From the same Maven run ? Or by using two different maven runs which
use the same local cache ?

> Up until Maven 3.3.9 the XML stopped at the closing root-tag, not at the
> document-end.

Maybe I misunderstand a thing but isn't the reading of the XML file done
by plexus-utils?

> When the pom is not a valid XML, then IMHO the pom should be re-downloaded.
> There are now a couple of issues:
> - you cannot see which pom is causing the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
> - you cannot simply switch to strict checksums at system level. You
> cannot use MAVEN_OPTS in this case because --strict-checksum is a Maven
> argument, not a JVM argument.

Couldn't checkSum policy being used in settings.xml to configured to fail ?

Kind regards
Karl Heinz

> These issues need to be fixed in Maven.
> So I would go for improving this in Maven, just updating plexus-utils
> will give users false hope.

Maybe we don't need to make the release of plexus-utils very prominent ;-)

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

> thanks,
> Robert
> On Sun, 02 Jul 2017 10:52:06 +0200, Karl Heinz Marbaise
> <[hidden email]> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> based on the current issue related to reading pom files etc.
>> (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException)
>> I would like to make a new release of Plexus-Utils 3.1.0.....after
>> that people can simple replace the old version of plexus-utils-3.0.24
>> in their maven installation with the new one until we made a new
>> release of Maven Core ....
>> If there are no objections I would like to start with the release at
>> Tuesday ?
>> Kind regards
>> Karl Heinz Marbaise

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