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John Patrick
you don't need a settings.xml in your users home .m2 directory, that is optional

does the project build from the command line? yes / no
when you import into intellij do you select it is a maven project?
in your browser do you have a proxy set? as this might need to be
configured for intellij and also maven
in intell under project structure, has a "Project SDK" been set and is
it the java version you expect?
in intelij settings under "Build, Execution, Development" -> "Build
Tools" -> "Maven" -> "Ignored Files" uncheck files you want to import
as this has caused me issues?

can't see the screenshot you mentioned

On Mon, 25 May 2020 at 21:02, Grzegorz Goleniowski <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Hello,   I have problem with my clean inteliJ 2020 and maven plugin (uninstalled inteliJ 2019, cleaned registry and fles and installed new 2020 version).  I tried many of solutions from internet but none of them helped.  I don&#39;t have settings.xml file in user/.m2/ folder.  Please help me with running maven - I need it to do my exercises at school, but any of teachers knows solution.  I attached some screens with WeTransfer, maybe them help.  error_connection file is when i tried to connect  I can connct with this page in my browser (Firefox)   --  Best regards  Grzegorz

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