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The Former Roles chapter on the Project Roles page [1] describes how we work, including the use of Commit Then Review.



On 31-5-2020 08:00:20, Enrico Olivelli <[hidden email]> wrote:
Il Dom 31 Mag 2020, 00:57 Olivier Lamy ha scritto:

> Hi
> First I'm not against PR and people asking review.
> But for obvious changes, we can probably avoid PR (ie some spam especially
> when people tag you in the description of a PR).
> We have a long history about commit-then-review so let's keep this.
> Such change don't really need a PR
> I received around 15 emails for this from github and gitbox (as I was
> tagged in the description).
> So please create PR only for complicated change.

PR are useful for inline comments and code review
One liner changes are not worth, if they are from a committer


Upgrade of a dependency is

> NOT a complicated change (except if it breaks backward compat and btw most
> of the time there is a Jira for this which generate even more emails).
> I'm just asking to reduce the level of emails we received as at the end the
> result is people don't really look at notifications...
> cheers
> --
> Olivier Lamy
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