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Re: Multiple executions of Maven with a single run

If you want to execute a plugin goal apart from a lifecycle, then I think it should be for only one module.
So I'd expect the call more to be like -pl module -am
That said, if you know you want to execute this goal for 1 specific module, I would like to be able to start from that pom and run "mvn verify do:something -am".
With -am you trigger Maven to include all modules below the .mvn folder (the existence of this folder will be a requirement).
And for Maven 5 or 6 "mvn do:something" might be all you need.
I'm not sure if there's already a JIRA issue for it, but it feels more natural: go to the specific module and run the plugin goal from there. Maven can get all the requirement stuff from there.

On 5-1-2020 17:31:17, Enrico Olivelli <[hidden email]> wrote:
Sometimes it happens that you have to launch twice Maven to:
- build a whole reactor project (warmup)
- run some specific mojo only a selection of modules

mvn clean install -DskipTests -Dmaven.repo.local=tmprepo

mvn do:something -pl module1,module1-Dmaven.repo.local=tmprepo

I think that in the general case there is no way to do this with one single
execution of Maven, for instance from CI.

I am thinking about a simple enhancement to workaround this problem:
We can let Maven executable to accept a list of command line execution
arguments and loop executing the list, halting at the first failure