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Romain Manni-Bucau
Hi Enrico,

You can add another remote url to your fork, and rebase from core your
branch. Did you try?

Le dim. 22 mars 2020 à 22:33, Enrico Olivelli <[hidden email]> a
écrit :

> Hi
> I have recently created a branch on Maven studies repository (for Maven
> Metrics subsystem)
> I have literally copied current master of maven core and then I have
> started doing my stuff.
> I see now these trouble points:
> - it is nasty to sync with Maven core master as we are in two separate git
> repository (maybe my git is not so strong)
> - it is nasty to see a diff of my work, you cannot create a pr against
> maven core master (it is not a forked repository)
> How can I proceed?
> Isn't it better to create a branch in my github fork and then keep a PR
> open?
> Any suggestion is really welcome
> Cheers
> Enrico