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Re: Maven issue with JDK16 - javac and javadoc

Graham Leggett-2
On 12 Nov 2020, at 14:03, Enrico Olivelli <[hidden email]> wrote:

> I have fallen into this issue about Maven + Maven Compiler Plugin + JDK16
> This is the issue on JDK issue tracking
> Basically -Xdoclint:missing does not work anymore when you run javac inside
> the same JVM as Maven core, because the JVM lacks the jdk.javadoc module.
> If you run javac in "fork" mode the problem is not present because the
> external "javac" program loads correctly jdk.javadoc module and is able to
> execute "-Xdoclint"
> it looks like we have to fix it on Maven, I am not sure the problem is
> about maven-compiler-plugin or plexus compiler, as it is because the JVM
> that executes Maven core lacks the jdk.javadoc module.
> On the JDK side it looks like the issue is to be closed as "works for me"
> Thoughts?

I have been smashing my head against the javadoc plugin and maven-release-plugin, which keeps failing releases over and over again on the basis that the docs can’t be built.

In the absence of a way to fix this, if there is a way to switch this off it would help a huge amount.


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