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This caused new configuration for *all* our branches and triggered new builds.
The Ubuntu builds were often ready, but a lot were still waiting for Windows Executors.

Most of these builds are quite short so under normal circumstances there shouldn't be any issues.
However, I already noticed we're having way too much branches, so either we'll clean these up or remove/disable its JenkinsFile, so it won't be triggered anymore.

On 21-7-2020 19:49:13, Robert Scholte <[hidden email]> wrote:
Looking at it.
It seems like most are waiting for a Windows executor, but these are all taken too.
Need to investigate a bit more, but it looks like all branches are triggered for some reason.
That's weird, because we didn't touch are shared Jenkins scripts

On 21-7-2020 18:22:12, Gavin McDonald <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi Maven folks,

Over 800 builds in the Jenkins queue right now, most of them Maven - and
its been above 500 , mostly Maven for over 12 hours now - Please take a
look and see what is going on ASAP, or I might have to cancel all Maven
jobs to allow other projects to proceed


*Gavin McDonald*
Systems Administrator
ASF Infrastructure Team