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Mark Raynsford-3
On 2018-12-30T16:24:50 +0100
Hervé BOUTEMY <[hidden email]> wrote:

> here is the status on the Maven core side:
> - MNG-6059 was implemented, which means the attributes were renamed: see
> MNG-6059 issue description [1] to get the new child.(x).
> (y).inherit.append.path names ((x) and (y) were missing in 3.6.0, forgotten by
> inadvertance...)
> - MNG-6505 was implemented = inheritance of these attributes
> on checks when publishing to Central, via Apache repository or via OSSHR,
> we'll need to check once Maven 3.6.1 is released and work together if you find
> an issue
Sounds good, thanks!

I'm looking forward to testing 3.6.1.

Mark Raynsford |

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