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Re: Maven Core Release 3.5.5/3.6.0?

Mark Raynsford-3
On 2018-09-13T22:20:06 +0200
Karl Heinz Marbaise <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi,
> based on the issues have been solved..
> from my point of view waiting at the moment for the following issues:
>   * MNG-6311
>   * MNG-6391
> Afterwards I would like to cut a release of Maven Core...
> This results into the question:
> Should we call it 3.6.0 or 3.5.5..?
I'd really like to see MNG-5951 make it into something soon, as I've
been bitten by this issue and was publishing bad metadata in OSGi
bundles without realizing. From what I understand, it already did make
it into 3.4.0, but 3.4.0 ended up not happening. I'm not sure how
closely Maven follows semantic versioning, but I assume that would
require calling the release 3.6.0?

Mark Raynsford |

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