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Re: Maven 3.5.1 - MNG-6223: mvn -f path/to/dir

Maven does its job in the Java code to find pom.xml
The shell script is just responsible for finding .mvn directory, starting from
where '-f' points to, even if later Maven java code will complain for other
reasons (here that the directory does not contain pom.xml)

When thinking at it, I don't see really a big difference, because even if the
.mvn directory is not found as expected, Maven java code will fail because no
pom.xml is available

Honestly, I don't see any real situation where one algorithm would make a real
difference: if you prefer use -f argument to start .mvn detection only if the
directory contains pom.xml, I won't argue for a long time, even if I'm pretty
convinced it's more consistent to use the directory even if it does not
contain pom.xml :)



Le dimanche 7 mai 2017, 16:13:39 CEST Karl Heinz Marbaise a écrit :

> Hi Hervé,
> just a question for my understanding:
> +if exist "%FILE_ARG%\*" (
> +  set "POM_DIR=%FILE_ARG%"
> +) else (
> +  call :get_directory_from_file "%FILE_ARG%"
> +)
> Shouldn't there be checked for the existence of a pom file and not for
> any file ? Cause If I understand that correctly the first line will
> check for the existence of the directory where something is in...but
> from my point of view it should check that the pom.xml file is in there?
> So maybe I'm mistaken something:
> +if exist "%FILE_ARG%\pom.xml" (
> ...
> Kind regards
> Karl Heinz Marbaise
> On 07/05/17 16:06, Hervé BOUTEMY wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > The issue is fixed both on Unix and on Windows (there was no failure
> > message on Windows, but basedir was not detected properly).
> >
> > Please review before I merge to master.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Hervé
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