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Re: Maven 3.5.1 - MNG-6223: mvn -f path/to/dir

Karl Heinz Marbaise-3
Hi Hervé,

just a question for my understanding:

+if exist "%FILE_ARG%\*" (
+  set "POM_DIR=%FILE_ARG%"
+) else (
+  call :get_directory_from_file "%FILE_ARG%"

Shouldn't there be checked for the existence of a pom file and not for
any file ? Cause If I understand that correctly the first line will
check for the existence of the directory where something is in...but
from my point of view it should check that the pom.xml file is in there?

So maybe I'm mistaken something:

+if exist "%FILE_ARG%\pom.xml" (

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

On 07/05/17 16:06, Hervé BOUTEMY wrote:

> Hi,
> The issue is fixed both on Unix and on Windows (there was no failure message on
> Windows, but basedir was not detected properly).
> Please review before I merge to master.
> Regards,
> Hervé

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