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Re: [MJLINK] Question about junit4 / junit5

Karl Heinz Marbaise-3

On 13.11.20 17:42, Benjamin Marwell wrote:

> Hello,
> there are currently two PRs for the maven-jlink-plugin.
> One removes support for junit4.
> Another one removes support for junit5.
> On both PRs are discussions with valid points for one or the other.
> The best one (in my opinion as a contributor) would be to "ask the
> community first" if a single plugin with junit-jupiter/junit5 is
> wanted or if all plugins must make the switch more or less at the same
> time.

We can migrate plugin after plugin. There is no need to go in one step...

> The maven-jlink-plugin does not have a lot of tests, as its first
> version will be released soon. There is no legacy code which needs to
> be ported, but a few tests could be converted to get rid of the
> vintage-engine
very easy to migrate...

> Other arguments are about IDE support, "freshness" of junit-jupiter,
> support time frame of junit4, etc.

All IDE's are supporting JUnit Jupiter Eclipse, IntelliJ, VSCode,
Netbeans ?

No problem at all..

> Therefore I would like to see a discussion about the pro and cons and
> maybe a vote if this plugin can make the switch to junit-jupiter.

JUnit Jupiter offers a lot of options which can help for a lot of things
in the future...

  * Extension points (very flexible)
  * Nested classes (categorizing tests etc.)
  * Disable/Enable based on Java versions / OS's /
  * Dynamic Tests
  * Test execution order
  * Parallelizing tests
  * Parameterized tests (much better and easier support than JUnit 4)

just to mention a few topics..

> Opinions on this are much appreciated!

Just simply a go for JUnit Jupiter (aka JUnit 5)...

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

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