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when the node involved has memory issues, opening an INFRA issue is the way to
go, like for example

when it's an issue about mvn not being recognized on Win nodes, perhaps we
should do the same; even if it's not obvious if the node fails systematically
or not



Le lundi 8 juin 2020, 20:34:03 CEST Robert Scholte a écrit :

> Hi Elliotte,
> great to see there are more looking at the master jobs.
> As you might notice, it is not always test failures.
> Here are some other important links:
> - Open Blue Ocean:
> e.g.
> -antrun-plugin/detail/master/69/pipeline
> Look for the failing step.
> - Pipeline Steps (similar, just a different view):
> e.g
> lowGraphTable/
> Again, look for the failing step
> Based on the cause, you either run the build again or exclude broken nodes
> in
> groovy
> thanks,
> Robert
> On 8-6-2020 15:31:13, Elliotte Rusty Harold <[hidden email]> wrote:
> We now have 12 red and 1 yellow job in Jenkins:
> -tool-master-jobs.html
> Furthermore the number seems to be increasing over time. This block
> progress in multiple plugins.
> I haven't looked into each one, but the ones I've spot checked have
> all shown "no failures" and typically fail in some late message such
> as
> [Pipeline] }
> [Pipeline] // stage
> [Pipeline] End of Pipeline
> ERROR: script returned exit code 1
> Finished: FAILURE
> That is, these appear to be build node failures rather than actual
> test failures.
> Is there anything that can be done systematically to prevent this?
> E.g. is there some way we can fix the root cause of the flakiness on
> build nodes? Or can we work around it by configuring Jenkins to accept
> "no failures" as success even if the script returns exit code 1?
> --
> Elliotte Rusty Harold
> [hidden email]
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