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Re: JDK 11 Early Access build 22 & JDK 12 Early Access b02 are available.

Robert Scholte-8
Hi Rory,

I see there's a list of tools frameworks that support the latest Java version.
From our point of view there has never been an issue to run Maven on the latest versions.
I'm pretty sure that even Maven 3.0 (or likely 2.x as well) will run on those Java versions as well.
Do you expect an explicit tweet for confirmation?


On Tue, 17 Jul 2018 13:26:34 +0200, Rory O'Donnell <[hidden email]> wrote:

  Hi Robert ,

JDK 11 is in Rampdown Phase one

  • The overall feature set is frozen. No further JEPs will be targeted to this release.
  • Rampdown Phase two is scheduled to start 26th of July

JDK 11 EA build 22 , under both the GPL and Oracle EA licenses, is now available at .

FOSS fixes in recent builds.

Notable changes in JDK 11 EA build 22
  • New Collection.toArray(IntFunction) Default Method (JDK-8060192)
  • Make some system properties effectively readonly (JDK-8066709)
  • Obsolete Support for Commercial Features (JDK-8202331)
  • JFR start failure after AppCDS archive created with JFR StartFlightRecording (JDK-8203664)
  • Change to policy for the default set of modules resolved when compiling or running code on the class path (JDK-8197532) 

JDK 12 Early Access  Build 02 is available at

The Quality Report for July 2018 is published here

  • With the new six months release , we now publish the Quality report every three months.
  • Thanks to all the FOSS Projects for logging bugs against the JDK 11 EA Builds!