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Jeff Jensen
Hi Kim,

Regretfully the answer is to use a different product!

I have wasted a lot of time on this, and only recently found the issues in Maven
JIRA and JCoverage Bugzilla.  JCoverage currently runs on a smaller piece of our
product, so I know it can work; it just does not work on medium or larger sized
code bases.

Look at  This problem has been
around since October of 2003!  This tells me JCoverage is a dead product
(unmaintained), and should be noted as so on the Maven plugins page (to prevent
others like us from wasting time).  I will submit something for this when I can.

Look at (and the other bugs
related to JCoverage).  Cobertura is the answer.

While I am thrilled work is in progress on integrating Cobertura into Maven, it
is not yet my skill to take the attachments to bug 25 and use them.  I spent a
few hours on it yesterday, and just got nowhere.  If you get it to work, please
let me know how!!  :-)

Otherwise, I hope for release integration of it soon, perhaps even into 1.1.

Because I am so over the time on setting up Maven for us, I am actually close to
minimizing use of Maven on our large product (close to 3500 Java source files,
and growing) due to the problems getting these last plugins to work well.

I wish I had the time to figure out Cobertura and write some initial docs, and I
need too much help to do so.

Quoting Kim Visser <[hidden email]>:

> Hi Jeff,
> At I noticed you had JCoverage problems ...
> I am sorry that I am not able to hand over a solution, but I was wondering
> if you fixed the problem in the meanwhile, because I am suffering from the
> same problems, any idea yet ?
> Thanks, bye
> Kim Visser
> Chess-iT
> Netherlands

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