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Re: Inheritance behaviour for MNG-5951 attributes?

Le mardi 6 novembre 2018, 10:35:25 CET Mark Raynsford a écrit :

> 'Ello.
> On 2018-11-06T00:03:53 +0100
> Hervé BOUTEMY <[hidden email]> wrote:
> > Hi Mark,
> >
> > even if this is somewhat a corner case (while overriding everything in b,
> > you can override the attribute also), it is strange...
> I'm not sure it's a corner case, exactly. It reflects the real-life
> situation I'm in: Consider a tree where 'a' is the root, and there are
> a large number of projects (at the depth of 'b') that all inherit from
> 'a'. In my case "large" means "more than seventy" so, as you can
> imagine, I'm not enthusiastic about going through all of those projects
> and adding an attribute just to to fix a bug in Maven. :) In my case,
> there are over 400 modules at the depth of 'c' spread across all of the
> 'b'-level projects.
it's a corner case just because in b, you define, name and url, but not just define this attribute while at it (instead of counting on inheritance) and it will work as expected. Like proposed in
> > I can reproduce the issue in an inheritance unit test (no-append-urls in
> > maven-model-builder), but still need to investigate why it does not work
> > as
> > intended by ModelMerger.mergeSite(...): you can easily check by removing
> > "name" field in b, you'll see that merge for other fields does not work
> Good to know it's reproducible in tests.
in fact, you can also reproduce by defining in b:
      <name>name from B</name>

If you look at effective pom, you'll see that id and url are unexpectedly not inherited...

You discovered an edge case with the new attribute that already exists with elements: I still didn't have time yet to investigate on the cause, but will do



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