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Re: How much m2e test suites cover of Maven ?

Mickael Istria-2
Hi all,

Final update about m2e coverage of Maven project: the full test suite now
reports coverage and reports are still visible at
. This can help to identify, by comparing it with plain Maven coverage
reports, which area of Maven code are not covered by what's used in IDE,
and to find out some tests to add in order to improve the coverage of
IDE-related parts and reduce risk of migration in IDEs.

One more comment about previous discussion

> how can we verify that Maven changes are still compatible with IDEs?
[...] Hence we are still looking for a way to verify these changes and
their effects on IDEs.

Automatically providing SNAPSHOTs (as another thread is discussing) would
allow m2e to continuously build+test against those snapshots (on a Gerrit
branch like ) and identify some
issues as soon as they're in the snapshots. Additionally to making m2e more
able to provide feedback against development branch, it also facilitates
adoption of newer versions of Maven by m2e since we can work on it more