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Re: How much m2e test suites cover of Maven ?


during the vote for 3.6.0 we were made aware of issues with different  
IDEs, which did indeed raise the question: how can we verify that Maven  
changes are still compatible with IDEs? [1]
Even though I consider the IDE as a wrapper around a tool like Maven (and  
IDEs should follow the tool), IDEs are nowadays way to important to  
ignore. Hence we are still looking for a way to verify these changes and  
their effects on IDEs.



On Fri, 07 Dec 2018 11:40:23 +0100, Mickael Istria <[hidden email]>  

> Hi all,
> In my intent to improve m2e, I realize that one key criteria of
> sustainability for m2e project is the ability to interact well with Maven
> project (interacting more with the community, trying snapshots,  
> identifying
> breaking or major issues, consolidating the non-CLI usage of Maven as
> APIs...). And, also, the other way round: Maven needs more feedback from
> downstream integrations like IDE or CI engines provide to make sure it
> remains easy to write tools or other bricks for it.
> I've set up m2e code coverage for that locally (and submitting related
> patches to Gerrit and GitHub to the m2e project), and have included in  
> the
> coverage report the plain Maven packages to measure how much m2e test  
> suite
> covers Maven.
> I build the HTML reports with Ant:
> against the version of Maven that's used by m2e (currently 3.5.3).
> And here is the output:  
> We can see that m2e tests roughly covers ~35% of Maven, and in a  
> different
> story as the CLI.
> I think this results are interesting for both m2e and Maven and I let you
> all have a look. In the future, I'd like to see those produced more
> frequently by m2e and -if it makes sense- aggregated with plain Maven  
> test
> coverage data when m2e tries a snapshot or staging; with the goal of
> identifying parts of the code that are less reliable or critical.
> Cheers,

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