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Re: Help with maven-jmod-plugin issues

I've added review comments for both PRs.

I would expect a better solution for MJMOD-8, I can help with that.
The rest is mostly a matter of cleaning up: removing things from the pom  
that don't add anything to the IT and write Groovy as Groovy ;)


On Thu, 17 Jan 2019 16:02:38 +0100, Andre Tadeu de Carvalho  
<[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hello people!
> Thank you all for being supportive. Could someone help me reviewing the
> following PRs?
> MJMOD-8:
> MJMOD-20:
> I could use these fixes successfully to build the following demos:
>    -
>    -, branch
>    jpms-support
> I am available to make all the adjustments needed.
> Thanks in advance,
> André Tadeu de Carvalho

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