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Re: Getting maven to create a bundle manifest incrementally in eclipse

Bill Mair


Yes, I had runOnIncremental enabled, but it didn't appear to do
anything. I also added rebuildBundle to no avail.

@Karl Heinz

I wanted away from the MF first approach due to the added complexity
that comes with it in tracking everything (although I must admit I
didn't really have a close look at tycho).

I also upgraded eclipse to Neon2 but that helped little.

I added an execution for the build when saving but then it ended up in
an endless cycle of "generate MF incrementally <-> save generated MF". I
couldn't find a way to ignore changes to the MF that the incremental
build was generating outside of /target/.


That is exactly why I switched to maven, I wanted the source first, then
the POM for specifics (Activator, etc.).

We are using eclipse Virgo as the server and it has integrated IDE
tooling but that tooling requires that the project is also a PDE
project. When I removed the PDE facets the Virgo tooling broke.

I have now solved my issue by dropping the PDE and Virgo aspects
(removing all "eclipse plugin" style artefacts) and relying on the m2e

There is one drawback in doing it this way, the IDE debugging of the
code in Virgo is not available.

I'll have to revisit the whole build procedure next week but I am happy
to say the moving away from ant+ivy has make the whole OSGi development
process a lot easier.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Bill Mair

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