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Re: Fixing LICENCE and NOTICE for binary distributions

Le samedi 26 octobre 2019, 23:56:37 CET Enrico Olivelli a écrit :
> Hello,
> as Vladimir reported in [1] we have problems of our binary distributions.
> Short version of the story:
> - we are missing some entries in LICENSE, in my opinion we should cite
> every other ASLv2 licenced project that is not of property of ASF (like
> Plexus), but we are currently skipping them

> - we are not handling correctly some hidden (shaded/relocated) dependencies

> - some of our direct dependencies of Maven Core messed with their LICENSE,
> so the data that we can download automatically (from Maven central) is not
> consistent with other sources (websites for instance)
this one has been fixed for future releases of upstream project, we'll need to
have a workaround until it is released and we upgrade our dependency

> Please follow up on JIRA for the detailed discussion about every single
> dependency.
> I have also started a branch for the fixes, but it is only a playground for
> me currently as we should decide how the LICENSE/NOTICE/.license files
> should look like  before actually doing this.
little question: what is ".license"?

> I have experience of this kind of discussions in Apache BookKeeper project
> and we came out with this doc [3]
really really interesting, thanks for the pointer

> and a Pull request validation script that
> validates as much as possible those rules.
IIUC, the team maintains the content by hand and the script checks that it is
still consistent with the current dependencies, that's it?

> I am tyring to understand our dependencies and our packaging of licensing
> material, in order to come with a complete proposal.
> Any thought or suggestion is very welcome !
don't hesitate to share little steps: that will add more opportunities to help
each other



> Enrico
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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