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Karl Heinz Marbaise-3

first many thanks for the support. Would you please so kind to post such
things via the the users mailing list...

Or create a ticket for example[1]

But best is first to communicate via Maven Users Mailing List...and not
the developers mailing list..

Many thanks in advance...

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise
Apache Maven PMC


On 16/01/18 23:25, Nichols, Roger M wrote:

> Dear “friendly administrator”
> I am requesting permission to contribute (e.g. comment & edit) the Maven
> Wiki.
> The specific page that I am interested in is:
> That URL is spit out by maven, but the cases listed on that page (last
> updated in 2010) don’t cover the circumstances that caused that error
> message to be spat out.
> I am not looking to use the wiki as a ‘help’ forum, but rather to
> document the specific case where this error occurs.
> Alternately, if there was some way to contact the article’s author
> (Benjamin Bentmann), I would be happy to approach him instead.
> My confluence user id is: pointlookoutresident, or perhaps ‘Roger
> Nichols’ or even ‘[hidden email]’ – there is no confluence user id
> listed on the profile page.
> Thank you,
> *Roger. M. Nichols *
> Engineering Specialist
> Manufacturing Engineering
> Tel: 586 214 6734
> Fax: 586 825 7148

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