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Benjamin Marwell-2
Hi Alexander,

this is an old thread, but no one has replied yet.
While I think this is possible – what are you trying to achieve?
Or in other words: WHY do you need the dependencies unpacked? What do
you do with them?


On 2020/08/19 18:23:06, Alexander Broekhuis <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I currently have a setup in which I have some custom artifacts that I use
> as dependencies and unpack using unpack-dependencies.
> This all works great, but now I also have a custom plugin which needs one
> of the custom artifacts as dependency. I don't see those dependencies being
> unpacked.  Is this correct, or am I doing something wrong?
> I know I can add the dependency as "regular" dependency as workaround, but
> I'd like to be able to define the plugin in a parent's pluginManagement
> with it's dependencies so that dependant project can enable the plugin when
> needed without having to define the dependency, or always have it being
> unpacked even if not needed.
> Basically my pom looks like this (meta):
> // Those are unpacked as expected
> <dependencies>
> <dependency></dependency>
> </dependencies>
> // Those dependencies are not unpacked
> <plugins>
> <plugin>
> <dependencies>
> <dependency></dependency>
> </dependencies>
> </plugin>
> </plugins>
> --
> Met vriendelijke groet,
> Alexander Broekhuis

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