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Elliotte Rusty Harold
Is the proposal to combine the plugins into a single plugin or simply
to combine the individual plugins into a unified repo with a unified
release process such that when one plugin is released all are

On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 11:31 AM Enrico Olivelli <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi community,
> I just want to share this idea, maybe it is silly but why not talk about it.
> We have tens of plugins, most of them are rarely updated and released.
> So it happens that users contribute patches in order to fix real problems
> but they have to wait an indefinite time before seeing the fix released,
> because we are not doing a release just for one issue.
> Another problem is that making a release is quite an heavyweight task:
> - update parent pom, update dependencies....
> - stage a release....
> - make the VOTE, wait, make at least 3 PMC vote..
> - finalize...
> What about creating some maven-ext-plugins git repository with a parent and
> reactor pom and move all of those plugins that are really never released?
> I am thinking to side plugins like jdeps, checkstyle, pmd, enforcer....not
> compiler, assembly, surefire...
> If we merge them into one single code base we can:
> - have releases for all of them, even with some minimal (but blocker) fix
> - save time and resources (one committer does the work once and PMC votes
> only once, and we release 10 or more plugins...)
> We could even think to time based release schedule
> I image the big work you did for splitting all of the 100 git repositories
> from svn....but I think this move can give more vitality to the project
> We would have to think about jira, websites....I know it won't be easy
> Best regards
> Enrico

Elliotte Rusty Harold
[hidden email]

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