Re: [DISCUSS] MNG-7020 Remove Maven 2 WagonExcluder backward compat code

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Re: [DISCUSS] MNG-7020 Remove Maven 2 WagonExcluder backward compat code

Tamás Cservenák
+1 fot option 3: we drag so much of legacy, that m4 really should accept
maven 3.1+ plugins only (covers 14 years?).


On Sat, Feb 6, 2021, 14:32 Robert Scholte <[hidden email]> wrote:

> (I'm not sure if this has already been discussed on the dev-list, but I
> can't find any related thread)
> Plugins that depend on maven-core 2.x will pull in Wagon, which causes
> unwanted behavior (it will superseed the one bundled with Maven for that
> plugin).
> MNG-7020 asks for removing this class, but that would imply that such
> (old) plugin would again have the unwanted behavior in Maven 4.
> I don't think we should assume that old plugins aren't used anymore.
> There are a couple of options to solve this.
> 1. Indeed delete WagonExcluder, accept that users of of such old plugin
> will have unwanted behavior without warning
> 2. Replace WagonExcluder with Maven2Excluded. This would solve one awkward
> fact: for plugins Maven always downloads dependencies of maven, but often
> an older version? Why download, if they are being removed from the
> classpath afterwards due to classworld config[1]?
> 3. Throw an exception in case Maven2 compatible plugins are being used.
> This will force the user to update those plugins before being able to build
> the project.
> 4. Keep it as it is, so we will have consistent behavior.
> Right now I think option 3 is an elegant way to be able to move forward
> without being blocked by deprecated Maven 2 code. We can assume at least
> Maven3 compatible plugins. And it fits in a model of any future release
> where we can define at Maven Core what the minimum required plugin
> compatibility version is.
> Robert
> [1]