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Re: Consumer pom and relative disk paths for parent pom

Enrico Olivelli
Good news

Il giorno sab 30 nov 2019 alle ore 14:27 Robert Scholte <
[hidden email]> ha scritto:

> Hi Enrico,
> current implementation says groupId+artifact are required, but you can
> either specify version or relativePath (or omit it, meaning ../pom.xml)
> I've decided to keep G+A so MAven can verify the pom is pointing to the
> right parent.
> MNG-6656 has a demo attached which shows you the new valid pom structure.
This is the link for reference

I am totally ok for keeping G+A, it sounds very sensible to me.

Thank you so much, I missed that part of the change, or at least I forgot
about it

I am really sure I want this new feature in 3.7.0 !

It looks like we are adding great stuff to Maven for this new major release


> thanks,
> Robert
> On 30-11-2019 13:39:12, Enrico Olivelli <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Hi,
> when we move to the consumer pom we can leverage the disk layout of
> projects inside the same repository while looking for the parent pom.
> Currently you can use the element to refer to the location
> of a parent pom, AFAIK this is only an hint for Maven and for tools: you
> must always copy all of the coordinates of the parent module because when
> you publish your pom the consumer must be able to find such parent module
> from remote repositories, without having the physical layout of the source
> code.
> With the consumer pom with can let the build pom have only the relativePath
> element and then we will fill the consumer (deployed) pom with the
> effective parent coordinates.
> This will simply a lot this part of Maven that is quite annoying for users
> Thoughts?
> Enrico