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Robert Scholte-8
Maven is one of the few ASF projects that has a lot of separated JIRA projects, hence we needed customized jira schemes,including our own permission scheme. And we are responsible for it, not INFRA.
I can see the rights (cannot change them), and based on that I would expect a reporter to be able to:
- close issues
- edit issues
- set issue security
- transition issues
- add comment

If that doesn't match with your rights, let us know and we'll verify it.

On 20-11-2019 14:28:36, Tibor Digana <[hidden email]> wrote:
You should contact the INFRA team in Jira and ask them for your permissions
in Maven.
I also had similar problem like you in the beginning and i had to do it
this way.
So you should ask them whether you are already in commiter role/group.

On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 1:22 PM Elliotte Rusty Harold

> I was reviewing the issues I've filed in the Apache Jira today. Some
> of them including a number of Maven site issues are now fixed. I was
> able to close my Beam issues where needed, but I don't have "Close" or
> "Resolve" buttons for Maven issues. What's the protocol for clearing
> these out?
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> Elliotte Rusty Harold
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