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Re: Classloader hierarchy with extensions

I remember working with Stephen on this.

I think the related issues were MNG-6209, MNG-6275
Stephen wrote a small integration test to show which extensions were visible to who and in which order.
It showed there are some edge cases that didn't work as expected.
However, I can't find that project anymore.
I hope Stephen still has a link.



On 4-10-2020 01:49:10, Michael Osipov <[hidden email]> wrote:

hopefully someone of you is able to make me understand the following:

Maven 3 class loading [1] says that extensions are available to plugins.
E.g., Wagon FTP should be available to Maven Deploy Plugin oder Wagon
Maven Plugin. While working on MNG-6965 I came across this MNG-4381
which makes [1] with Wagon FTP possible. Going through I get to MNG-2749
and MNG-3281. The very spot making this happen is:

I am really confused right now. One ticket says (MNG-4381) that Maven
2.x did not provide extensions to be visible to plugins yet MNG-2749
says the opposite. Moreover, MNG-3281 says that this is to be restored.
Looking at the provided snippet, this works as long as the extensions is
a single artifact w/o a dependency tree which is actually a hack for
backwards-compat to Maven 2.x.

So please tell me, since Wagon FTP is more than one artifact, how can
this be available to plugins?



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