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Re: Broken surefire defaults?

Enrico Olivelli
Il dom 25 feb 2018, 22:42 Romain Manni-Bucau <[hidden email]> ha

> Hi guys
> Surefire sets some java 9 modules by default when running tests on j9.
> I understand the intention but it means surefire doesnt test accurately the
> code in the build since you will pass the tests and fail at runtime pretry
> easily a d with any embedded solution like spring boot, meecrowave, tomee
> etc...
> A very common example is a missing jaxb dependency which would be hidden by
> surefire (which means surefire swallowed a bug)
> I also know you can tune it to use java.base and therefore have a normal
> behavior but to do that you need to know it.
> Since I saw several colleagues hitting this issue i think it is worth
> mentionning it here and request if default can be aligned on the jvm
> instead of trying to be too clever?

Hi with upcoming  2.21, hopefully released very soon, it will work as
expected, it won't add module.
In the meantime you can add -Dxx='--add-modules' to surefire argLine
parameter and surefire won't add any module.
Surefire 2.21 will also habdle module-path properly


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-- Enrico Olivelli