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Re: Adding a new method getPID() in MavenSession

Tibor Digana-2
Do you know if JNA using com.sun packages was re-packaged due to Jigsaw?
I think Jigsaw will not load com.sun packages.

On Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 5:12 PM, Tibor Digana <[hidden email]>

> Hi all,
> I want to ask for your opinion about adding *getPID *method in
> MavenSession.
> With Michael Osipov we talked about ensuring PID observed from Maven
> process.
> We need to read PID of Maven process within Surefire plugin. We have
> several alternatives however only Java 9 introduced standard API providing
> the PID.
> For me it would be fine to get the PID from MavenSession rather than
> discovering it in an individual Maven plugin since it is Maven's
> information and all plugins may read it too.
> For Java < 9 the JNA call can read PID. We found sources at Hudson which
> may help us
> As a standard Java way we can call Java 9 Jigsaw code:
> long pid = ProcessHandle.current().pid();
> Linux standard way is to read the link on file system
> String pid = new File("/proc/self").getCanonicalFile().getName()
> Non-standard simplistic way
> String pid = ManagementFactory.getRuntimeMXBean().getName().split("@")[0]
> Bad fact on JMX is the startup cca 50 - 80 milliseconds.
> --
> Cheers
> Tibor