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Re: APT vs Markdown formats for site docs

Artem Krosheninnikov
I agree that there are several implementations thus it may be not a good

FML looks very ancient from my point of view but asciidoc is more or less a
standard format in docops community.

It's not that everything should be immediately converted to another format,
just trying to understand whether apt is convenient for all and is a
standard for all maven projects.

пн, 1 февр. 2021 г. в 13:32, Benjamin Marwell <[hidden email]>:

> Markdown is not a "standard" or "standardized".
> Even worse, different implementations have different feature sets.
> Thus my -1 for md.
> But another format might be feasible, really. fml looks verbose.
> Asciidoc might be a sane choice here. It was specially designed for
> technical documentation and
> has neat features which are handy for exactly those cases.
> Besides, it is also supported on GitHub.
> ---
> A quick check revealed there was no such discussion in the last 12
> months on the mailing list.
> - Ben

Sincerely yours,
Krosheninnikov Artem.