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[RESULT] [VOTE] Retire Maven Repository Builder

Robert Scholte-8

The vote has passed with the following result:

+1: Anders Hammar, Jesper Udby, Tamás Cservenák, Francois Papon, Gabriel  
Belingueres, Karl Heinz Marbaise, Robert Scholte, Tibor Digana

PMC quorum: reached

I will continue with the steps required to retire this library.

On Wed, 07 Aug 2019 21:13:28 +0200, Robert Scholte <[hidden email]>  

> Hi,
> The Apache Maven project consist of about 90 (sub)projects. Due to the  
> small number of volunteers and the huge amount of code to maintain we're  
> missing enough space to make real progress on all these projects,  
> including our ambitious ideas for the next major version(s) of Maven  
> itself.
> To be able to gain more focus we need to criticize the current  
> subprojects and decide if it is worth maintaining.
> https://maven.apache.org/shared/maven-repository-builder/ describes the  
> main purpose in one line: Maven shared components. Okay, that's actually  
> quite bad.
> Based on  
> https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.apache.maven.shared/maven-repository-builder 
> the library isn't used a lot. Both maven-assembly-plugin and  
> maven-plugin-testing-tools don't use this library anymore.
> The sourcecode looks a bit like it has the same purpose as  
> dependency:copy-dependencies.
> I therefore propose that we retire the maven-repository-builder.
> I don't think it makes sense to do a final release. Instead we should  
> update the documentation and freeze the codebase.
> The process for retiring a plugin is described here:
> https://maven.apache.org/developers/retirement-plan-plugins.html 
> [https://maven.apache.org/developers/retirement-plan-plugins.html]
> The vote is open for 72 hours.
> [ ] +1 Yes, it's about time
> [ ] -1 No, because...
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